Dear Friends,

Good evening to all, In 15-Nov-1997, I have joined as Computer Programmer with Freight Systems LLC, Dubai.

Mr.C.Mani and Mr.Srinivasan came to Dubai airport and waited for long time to pick me up, as it is my first overseas trip, still i can remember the day. That time, there is no mobile phone. First project taken as Warehouse Management in Forms 4.5 with Oracle 8 (not 8i). Mr.Balaji was the in-charge who has given business requirement in Jebel Ali and Mr.Cyrus was the first user for my system. Mr.David has awarded one month salary as a bonus within 3 months of joining with FSL.

Mr.Mani has changed my life into IT environment in freight forwarding and shipping industry. Without his support and help, i could not be reach in this level.

Hope i have tried my best to provide the IT solutions and support in this freight forwarding industry.

If you feel that i have added some value to your life, please provide your valuable feedback and share your knowledge/experience with me. Hope, I have tried my best to implement your old suggestions and feedback, if not, please repeat the same.

Thanks for your time shared with me.