Outlook File Drag

Drag and drop Outlook items as files into any application


Outlook File Drag is an add-in for Outlook 2013 and 2016 that allows you to drag and drop Outlook items (messages, attachments, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, etc) to applications that allow physical files to be dropped, such as web browsers.

How Does it Work?

When you try to drag and drop from Outlook, Outlook correctly identifies the format as virtual files (CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTORW) since the files do not exist directly on disk. Instead, they are contained in a PST file, OST file, or on an Exchange server.

However, many applications do not support this format, such as web browers and most .NET/Java applications.

To work around this issue, Outlook File Drag hooks the Outlook drag and drop process and adds support for physical files (CF_HDROP). When the receiving application asks for the physical files, the files are saved to a temp folder and those filenames are returned to the application. The application processes the files (such as uploading them). Outlook File Drag deletes the temp files later in a cleanup process.


  • Works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and other applications that accept files to be dropped
  • Allows drag and drop into HTML5-based web applications
  • Drag e-mails, attachments, contacts, calendar items, and more
  • Drag multiple items at once
  • Supports Unicode characters


To install, run the installer that matches your Windows build:

After installing, restart Outlook for the add-in to take effect.

Automated (Silent) Installation

For administrators, OutlookFileDrag supports automated (silent) installation and uninstallation using msiexec with command line parameters.

Silent Installation

To silently install OutlookFileDrag, use this command:

msiexec.exe /i <pathtomsi> /qn /log <pathtolog>

  • <pathtomsi>: Path to MSI file
  • <pathtolog>: Path to log file (if folder is not specified, MSI path is used)


msiexec.exe C:\Install\OutlookFileDrag_x64.msi /qn /log C:\Logs\OutlookFileDragInstall.log

After installing, restart Outlook for the add-in to take effect.

Silent Uninstallation

To silently uninstall OutlookFileDrag, use this command:

msiexec.exe /x <productcode> /qn /log <pathtolog>

  • <productcode> for 64-bit version: {CF5F9043-967C-400D-B6D5-F41AF6AD83AE}
  • <productcode> for 32-bit version: {7EA6E17B-8802-4E1F-9669-248670B31BFB}
  • <logfile>: Path to log file


msiexec.exe /x {CF5F9043-967C-400D-B6D5-F41AF6AD83AE} /qn /log C:\Logs\OutlookFileDragUninstall.log


Outlook File Drag uses these open source projects: