Oracle Database is a true converged database, providing support for Relational, JSON, XML, Graph, Spatial, Blockchain, Object, and Key/Value data, all of which can be used with Oracle Database 21c XE. Data access can also be REST-enabled, when combined with Oracle REST Data Services, allowing interaction with the data over standard RESTful web services. In addition, Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle’s popular low-code app development platform, can be easily deployed on top of Oracle Database 21c XE.

All of these capabilities make Oracle Database 21c XE the ideal free database to use for developing and building cutting-edge data-driven applications. It is also an excellent platform for DBAs to educate themselves about the latest advancements that Oracle Database 21c provides. Oracle Database 21c XE is fully compatible with other Oracle Database releases (on-prem and in-cloud), making it easy to scale up to other editions and Oracle Cloud Database Services, including Autonomous Database, as required.

Oracle Database 21c XE for Windows will be part of the Oracle Database 21c for Windows release later this year. 

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