Oracle Application Express 5.0 will focus on enhancements to existing functionality and is planned to incorporate the following:

  • Modal Dialog – Provide the ability to declaratively define modal dialogs.
  • Drag and Drop Layout Editor – Reintroduce the drag and drop layout editor which is compatible with laying out items within a grid layout.
  • HTML5 Capabilities – Improve native capabilities for handling HTML5 constructs.
  • PDF Printing – Improve the printing capabilities utilizing the APEX Listener FOP Support
  • Web Services Support – In combination with the APEX Listener further extend the Web Services integration capabilities.
  • Tablet User Interface – Enhanced themes and templates to enable developers to declarative create applications and/or pages for tablet devices.
  • Packaged Applications – Improved framework and enhancements to the packaged applications.
  • New Multi-Row Edit Region Type – Define a new region type with a modern UI for updating multiple rows of data and allow multiple regions on one page.
  • Master / Detail / Detail – Provide a wizard interface to define declarative master/detail/detail regions.
  • Multiple Interactive Reports – Allow any number of Interactive Reports to be defined on a single page.
  • Application Builder Security – Allow different authentication schemes to be used to control developer access to the Application Builder.
  • Numerous functional improvements.

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