I have joined with Transworld Group on 2009 and started developing the warehouse module for replacement of Aware Software, Mr.Baiju Mohammed, who worked there as Chief Accountant of TWFZE, has helped me the logic behind the storage calculation (challenging work), completed and implemented with provisional cost and provisional revenue. Based on his feedback and suggestion, introduced Post option on all the vouchers. With support of Mr.Warren and management, we have implemented warehouse module. Then started developing the freight forwarding, transportation module. For OEL, we have developed vessel management module, (without tariff, no booking accepted, spot rate quote option, sending invoices to all the customers by a click of button, promoting transworld group logo along with OEL, balaji and other group company logos). Reports are designed in Crystal report software, where we have re-used existing format as it is in apollo, this reduced the development time. My friend Ayyappan joined with me and started creating the IT Team for transworld group.

Apollo is still running in Transworld Group which is nearly 10 years now – unbelievable – learned a lot from Transworld Group Companies – thanks to the management team which allowed me to create my own companies. Weekly meeting is the main concept to monitor the progress, which is required every company – consistently.

Modules & Features: Warehouse, Transportation, Vessel Management, JV Partner Reports
Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Container Inventory, Finance and Management Reports
• Good Receipt Notes, Goods Delivery Notes, Online Stock Report, Barcode Scanner, Serial No Tracking in Warehouse Module
• Vessel Schedule, BL Tracking, Container Tracking on web
• Customer Outstanding Report and Shipment Status report on web
• Automatic outstanding mails to customer
• Cargo status update/milestone mails to customer
• Import and Export, Transshipment and Sea/Air for LCL and FCL shipments
• Attaching proof documents into shipment, container and console level
• Dash board for voyage performance / sales performance / product performance / trade lane wise performance
• Country specific port and customs EDI
• XL upload for creating the bookings/loadings
• Maintaining JV partner Tariff
• P&L sheet for each voyage based on Loading against JV Partner tariff
• Customer Rate Tariff
• Automatic Invoice Generation and dispatch to customer via email
• Completely integrated with Finance module
• Trail balance in Group/Subgroup/GL level
• Weekly Presentation Reports
• Management Reports
• Automatic Exception Reports